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Ralph Maltby is an exclusive partner of Golf Galaxy. He has been designing and evaluating golf equipment for more than 40 years, and is universally regarded as one of the premier golf equipment experts in the world.

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How to Improve Your Putting
Putting is an art and a science. The hours of practice and actually playing develop the art portion of feel for distance, proper break and directional control. Many players rely solely on the learned skill or art part of putting and ignore the equipment or science part because they are unaware of its importance. Keep in mind that you want every variable possible removed from your putter that can unduly influence putting distance and directional control. This article explains the 5 areas of putter specifications that can and will dramatically improve your putting using science and technology coupled with the proper fitting skills. They are: Putter Length, Proper Lie, Proper Loft, Proper Swingweight, and Putter head MPF.

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